Course: Identity System - Project 1 - Fall 2019

This project was to choose three companies that we thought needed an updated logo or a redesigned identity and create three concepts for the brand or company.  I choose: Spirit Airlines, Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), and Studebaker.

COTA: COTA is a transportation company that services Columbus, Ohio citizens around the downtown area. Their logo is outdated and resembles more of a courthouse or an industry related to law because of the graphic architecture in their logo. I thought I could take their old logo and design it to represent transportation.

For the first logo, I got inspired by the word central as Columbus is in the middle of the state. The second logo was inspired from their graphical, curvature lines that are displayed on their buses. Though the lines on the logo are sharper than curve, the turning of the red, graphical line represents movement; like on a map.

Spirit Airlines: This company’s targeted audience is family and individual-oriented with cheap flights throughout the United States with no complications. And when thinking of an image that conveyed their current essence; I thought of a paper airplane. It’s child-like but says inexpensive, family, and simple. I made the shape of the paper airplane into a triangle, making it more abstract and simplified. The lines behind the triangle represents the movement of the airplane taking off into the atmosphere. I wanted to keep the yellow apart of their brand, but the yellow was too bright and was too much on the user’s eyes; due to its high saturated value. So, I de-saturated their original yellow color so it becomes a bit softer and easier to read.

Studebaker: This automotive company closed their doors in the late 1960’s due to financial issues. Studebaker’s are iconic, classic, and unique. But what if they were brought back? What kind of car would they make in the 21st century? If they were still up and running, I think they would follow the current trend like all the other car companies. Electric cars are becoming more popular each year due to them being less of an impact on the environment and an alternative fuel choice.

The logo was inspired by their most recent logo, the one they had when they shut down. The S became a symbol for the brand with the backdrop of the American colors. I wanted to keep the color scheme the same but change the typeface and the logo itself. Two of the Studebaker logos are in an abstract form of the S with different form and curvature to represent motion. I also stayed with a san-serif typeface to keep it modern. For the other logo, I wanted to create a classic look for the brand that would be simple and recognizable enough on a car. I kept the red and blue colors but choose a different typeface that had some character. This was paying homage to some of their older shield emblems, but I left the eagle and wings out.