Sir Lindsey’s Packaging Design - Group Project

Responsibility: Mock-up of the packaging shape, 3D rendering of the packaging, Researching South American dishes and flavors, Concept and finalizing the color schemes, and Finalizing the packaging shape.

This project was to explore the ways of designing a food packaging from scratch. In this group project, we wanted to create a brand that was international, in a way, using “dumplings” and “pizza rolls” as a base of what the product is. Our targeted audience, ages 20 to 35, enjoys pizza rolls as a kid and still enjoy them to this day, but the product itself did not evolve with the demographic. We wanted to change that.

Sir Lindsey’s is a brand that is transparent to their customers. The company wants to give their customers a taste of the world at a reasonable price using healthy, good quality ingredients. Since “dumplings” and “pizza rolls” are the base of the dish, the fillings, side dishes, and sauces change from region to region. Our product provides meals to individuals and families, a fast and healthy meal that anyone can enjoy.

The packaging consists of a round, microwavable tray, covered by an octagon, cardboard slip. Each region has their specific color-codes that represent them while displaying a map in the background of the country that dish is originated from. The outside shows the region, dish name, ingredients, serving size, and a picture of the product. The backside shows the cooking directions, nutrition label, and a short history of Sir Lindsey’s. The barcode is unique to each region, as it represents a predominant structure in their culture. Then the lines flow to the side for the official barcode for the cashier to scan.

And since Sir Lindsey’s wants to be transparent to their customers, a recipe card for each dish, is inside the packaging. If they like the dish, they can now make it themselves, at home. They can add to the recipe, pass it around to friends or family, or keep it for their children to make when they get older.