Course: Interaction Design - Group Project

Responsibility: Concept drawings & low fidelity of the layout

This project was to help solve a solution using interaction design. We choose the Tower City RTA in Cleveland, Ohio to give the riders a better experience in a safe environment when riding the RTA. The place is dark, open, and uninviting.

Our solution: To bring some light and nature into the space for the passengers and for new riders.

The middle area has a floor projection, targeted towards kids but adults as well with minimal animation/interaction. On the outer areas, seating for the people waiting for the train or to relax until their friend comes over. The rock seats light up in different colors when sat on and corner seating, one on each end of the area. The pillars are just one source of light but has more seating for people that want to enjoy time by themselves.

To bring nature into a space that is underground without tearing apart the whole area, we brought in light colored wood, synthetic grass (for the rock seating area), rock seating, and foliage to add color and contrast with the dark existing tiles.